What Is HI Short For?

What is the origin of hi?

Hi developed from the Middle English hy, similar to hey and ha.

Essentially, these are all terms used to call attention—they’re short and easy to say—that evolved into the greetings we use today..

What does HI stand for in school?

Hearing ImpairmentHI: Hearing Impairment. IEP: Individual Education Plan. LA: Local Authority. MLD: Moderate Learning Difficulty. MSI: Multi-Sensory Impairment.

What does Prop Cor mean?

property cornerWhat you saw was most likely a survey marker. It should have said “Prop. Cor.”, which is an abbreviation for property corner. This is not neccesarily an indication that the property is being sold, but that is a possibility.

What does BM stand for in surveying?

bench markA bench mark (BM) is the term given to a definite, permanent accessible point of known height above a datum to which the height of other points can be referred.

What does KF mean in school?

KindergartenKF stands for Kindergarten Full.

What does TP mean in surveying?

topographic-photogrammetricT-SHEET – A topographic map or chart prepared by the former Coast and Geodetic Survey, and now by the National Ocean Survey, including the manuscript copy. The topographic map is identified with a number, prefixed with the letter T, such as T-5542. As now prepared they are prefixed “TP” (topographic-photogrammetric).

What does Ch mean in surveying?

Ch. Chain or chains abbreviation. Coincident with Contacting a line or point without interval. Commencing Informative term of beginning and/or origin.

What does the abbreviation Hi stand for?

AcronymDefinitionHIHawaii (US postal abbreviation)HIHoliday InnHIHealth InsuranceHIHindi (linguistics)58 more rows

Is it better to say hi or hey?

As a greeting, Hey is more informal than Hi. I wouldn’t use Hey in an office e-mail. Hey is not considered childish or girlish.

What kind of word is hi?

Hi can be an interjection or an adjective – Word Type.