Quick Answer: How Old Is Michael Lindell?

How much is Donald Trump worth?

In its 2018 and 2019 billionaires rankings, Forbes estimated Trump’s net worth at $3.1 billion..

What is the lawsuit against my pillow?

Lawsuits and settlement In August 2016, the New York State Attorney General’s office charged that My Pillow failed to collect and remit over $500,000 in sales tax. The company denied any wrongdoing but agreed to pay $1.1 million in settlement.

How much is Michael Lindell worth?

Mike LindellLindell in 2020BornMichael James Lindell June 28, 1961 Mankato, Minnesota, U.S.OccupationFounder and CEO of My PillowNet worthUS$300 million (2018)4 more rows

Is the My Pillow guy married?

Michael Lindell, aka the MyPillow Guy, is the founder and creator of MyPillow Inc. He had a rocky divorce from his first wife, whom he was married to for more than 20 years according to The Wealth Record, while his second marriage lasted just two weeks. …

Who was Mike Lindell’s wife?

Dallas Yocumm. 2013–2013Michael J. Lindell/Wife

Is the My Pillow guy a millionaire?

The MyPillow guy is a self-made millionaire He set up a kiosk at the local mall but sold less than a hundred pillows. … Over the following year, Lindell reportedly sold $100 million worth of pillows. MyPillow Inc. now generates a whopping $280 million in revenue per year.