Question: What Is LLB Special?

Is law better than CA?

Accountants can work for large firms doing public accounting, or they may perform internal auditing services for smaller, private companies.

An accounting career generally has less extensive educational requirements, but law tends to pay better..

What is the age limit of LLB?

LLB aspirants’ upper age limit of 20 years for entry to the five year LLB program and 30 years for the three year LLB is back as per the Bar Council of India’s (BCI) latest circular sent to law schools and now uploaded on its website, as first reported by Bar and Bench.

Is LLB better than BA?

Whereas, an LLB degree is fully focused on giving you the tools needed to be a lawyer or an advocate. A BA Law degree is considered an alternative degree that complements an LLB degree. … Studying a BA Law means you’ll be able to pursue a career as a: State legal advisor.

What do you study in LLB law?

Some of the typical courses you will follow are: Contract Law. Criminal Law. Constitutional & Administrative Law.

How can I take admission in LLB?

LLB Admission Process:In order to secure admission in the 3-year LLB programme, it is essential to complete graduation without any back and an overall aggregate of 45% marks.All admissions to the 3-year LLB programme are done on the basis of entrance exams conducted by NLUs or the respective private universities.More items…•

Can I do 3 years LLB after 12th?

LLB: Bachelor of Legislative Law or commonly known as Bachelor of Laws is three-year course after graduation. LLB can be pursued after completion of graduation in any discipline. After completing 12th, a candidate can opt for five-year integrated undergraduate degrees.

How much do lawyers earn in India?

In India, the range of salary that the law firms offers ranges all the way from Rs 25-30 lakh per annum to Rs 150-200 lakh. Even for lawyers who have just graduated from college, there is a wide potential range from between Rs 5-10 lakh per year to Rs 18-20 lakh per year.

Does an LLB make you a lawyer?

After graduating, they must undergo further education and training before they can practise law. However, in some countries, the LLB is a second degree after which graduates are eligible to take the bar exam and become licensed lawyers. … The Juris Doctor (JD) is a postgraduate degree.

What is the difference between LLB and LLB?

The difference between LLB and LLB Hons courses, although slight, can be summarised as follow: LLB degree provides an overview of several subjects, whereas LLB Hons degree provides a detailed, in-depth insight into each subject.

What is the benefit of doing LLB?

Studying an LLB gives you in-depth knowledge of the law One of the benefits of the LLB is that the traditional three-year law degree is designed so that the areas of law you’ll need to know as a solicitor are covered in extensive detail.

How long is LLB at Unisa?

4 yearsThe minimum duration is 4 years.

Is law harder than medicine?

A medic and a lawyer from Bristol University swapped lectures to find out which of the two notoriously middle-class courses was worse — and it seems law is just as hard and boring as we already knew it was.

What type of lawyers make the most money?

Here Are The 5 Types Of Lawyers That Make The Most MoneyCorporate Lawyer – $98,822 annually. … Tax Attorneys – $99,690 annually. … Trial Attorneys – $101,086. … IP Attorneys – $140,972 annually. … Medical Lawyers – $150,881 annually.

What does LLB stand for?

Legum BaccalaureusThe LLB initiates from the Latin abbreviation of Legum Baccalaureus (also known as the Bachelor of Laws).

Does LLM make you a lawyer?

LLM programmes aren’t conversion courses Though you may be able to study a Law Masters without an undergraduate Law degree, the LLM won’t qualify you professionally. If you wish to become a lawyer as a postgraduate, you should consider studying a conversion course such as a CPE or GDL.

Is law a boring degree?

Is law boring? “Yes,” says Minor. “The qualifying law degree modules are dryish, with the exception of maybe criminal and property. There is so much reading.

Are lawyers jobless in India?

Among the lakhs of jobless lawyers in India, less than 10% are making a living wage. … India has lakhs of jobless lawyers sitting around exterminating houseflies in district courts around the country.

What are the subjects in LLB 1st year?

LLB Syllabus and Subjects:LLB 1st year SyllabusI SemesterII Semester2)Family Law ILaw of Tort & Consumer Protection Act3)CrimeConstitutional Law4)Optional Papers (Any One) a) Contract b) Trust c) Women & Law d) Criminology e) International Economics LawProfessional Ethics1 more row•Sep 24, 2020

Is law a good career?

Law as a profession is in great demand these days. … Besides being financially lucrative, Law is an adventurous and exciting career option. Lawyers are held in high esteem in our society, and there remains the faith that when everything else fails, one can still take the path of legal system.

Which degree is best for LLB?

This article helps candidates in understanding the better choice between a 3-year LLB and a 5-year integrated LLB programme….Top Colleges for 5 Year Integrated LLB in India.College NameLocationNational Law School of India University (NLSIU)Bangalore, Karnataka9 more rows•Sep 25, 2020

What are the types of LLB?

Following are some of the most common types of integrated LLB courses and their benefits:Bachelor of Arts and Law Programs (B.A. L.L.B.) B.A. L.L.B. … Bachelor of Commerce and Law Programs (B.Com. L.L.B.) … Bachelor of Science and Law Programs (B.Sc. … Bachelor of Business Administration and Law programs (B.B.A. L.L.B.)

What can I do after LLB degree?

Career Path After Law in India – Top OptionsAdvocate. Advocacy is one of the chief professions chosen by LLB graduates. … Government Services. Students can opt to join Government Services after completing their LLB. … Legal Advisor. … Judiciary. … Teaching. … Legal Outsourcing. … Private Companies. … Higher Education.More items…•

Who Earns More CA or lawyer?

On average as there are more lawyers than Chartered Accountants… So CAs get a higher pay on an average… … My Opinion : A Lawyer earns less than CA in starting years but when a Lawyer gets good experience, he may earn in crores very easily. Also the passing of CA final exam is very difficult as compared to law entrances.

Is LLB course difficult?

LLB course, whether 5 year/3 year (5yr after plus two & 3 yr after degree) is not very difficult. Moreover, law being a social science subject is very easy for the interested. and much easier compared to the other professional courses like MBBS and Engineering.