Question: What Does Ponyboy’S Hair Symbolize?

Did sodapop get Sandy pregnant?


Sodapop told Ponyboy he was sure he was going to marry Sandy.

However, when she got pregnant, she left to go live with her grandmother in Florida.

She is mentioned once in the film, but Sodapop never says she moved or got pregnant..

Why was the outsiders banned?

It was ranked #38 on the American Library Association’s Top 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990–1999. This book has been banned from some schools and libraries because of the portrayal of gang violence, underage smoking and drinking, strong language/slang, and family dysfunction.

What does greaser hair symbolize?

The greasers’ long, slick hair is a symbol of their gang, both to themselves and to others. When Ponyboy and Johnny cut and dye their hair while in hiding they’re taking a symbolic step outside the gang. As a result, Ponyboy feels less secure, but also gains a bit of room in which to develop his individuality.

How does ponyboy feel about his hair?

Why does Ponyboy feel bad about cutting his hair? His hair was the only thing that made him feel proud of being a greaser. According to Ponyboy, why do the courts cut people’s hair? To break them.

What color is ponyboy’s hair?

brown hairPonyboy is the youngest of the greaser gang. In the novel, Ponyboy has light-brown hair and greenish-gray eyes.

Why did ponyboy not cut his hair?

Ponyboy has a big problem with this. He tells Johnny he doesn’t want to cut his hair because it took him a long time to grow it just the way he wanted it. He is very proud of his long hair and he doesn’t want to change it in any way.