Question: What Are The Parts Of A Swimming Pool?

How do I put chemicals in my pool for the first time?

Pool Startup Chemicals GuideOptional Anti-scaling Product.

If you’re filling your pool with fresh water, this is a good time to add an anti-stain or anti-scaling product.

Adjust the pH.

The first step when treating your pool’s water is to adjust the pH.

Adjust Total Alkalinity.

Sanitize the Water.

Adjust Hardness.

Add Algaecide..

How do I get rid of bugs in my pool?

How to get rid of water bugs in 6 stepsSkim the pool. Since most of these bugs hang out around the surface, you should be able to skim most of them off with a net skimmer.Brush the pool. … Vacuum the pool. … Shock the pool. … Balance pool chemistry. … Vacuum the pool again.

What are the main components of a pool system?

A typical swimming pool needs seven major components:A basin.A motorized pump.A water filter.A chemical feeder.Drains.Returns.PVC plastic plumbing connecting all of these elements.

What is the area around a swimming pool called?

The hardscape area around your swimming pool is called a surround, deck, or decking, even though it isn’t always made of wood or composite, like traditional outdoor decks with which we most often associate the words. Traditionally, most in-ground swimming pool decks are made of concrete.

What is pool return?

Pool water returns are places in the pool where water comes back in from the circulation system. … The return is usually a 1 1/2″ threaded opening that may have a directional eyeball that screws into it, (directional eyeballs are used to “aim” the water thereby enhancing proper water circulation within the pool).

What is a small swimming pool called?

Get Ideas: Plunge, Cocktail, and Wading Pools And everyone is rethinking the ever-popular swimming pool. For many, the answer is to go smaller. … They go by different names: spools, plunge pools, cocktail pools, and wading pools.

Can a pool drain kill you?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the pressure on some pool drains can be as strong as 300 pounds per square inch. 1 This kind of pressure can suck in hair or body parts, or trap swimmers underwater and cause them to drown, even if someone is trying to pull a victim away from the drain.

How many returns should a pool have?

While many professionals install two returns, some prefer more as a general rule. Builder Guy Wood, for instance, often will place four returns in pools that measure 250 to 600 square feet. A vessel of 600 to 800 square feet will generally have six returns to start.

What is a normal size pool?

Standard pool dimensions usually measure something like 10 x 20, 15 x 30, and 20 x 40, with an average depth around 5.5 feet. 10 x 20 is considered a small in-ground pool, while a 20 x 40-foot pool is on the larger side of things.

What is best type of pool?

Advantages of vinyl liner pools If you’re looking to get an inground pool and have a very limited budget, vinyl liner may be the best choice for you. Their material costs are low and as a result a vinyl liner pool will in most cases cost $5,000 to $10,000 less initially than their concrete or fiberglass counterparts.

How does a swimming pool system work?

Pool circulation systems work much like the body’s circulatory system. Water is drawn from your pool by the powerful suction created from the pump. The pump draws the water through the skimmers and drains, removing large debris during the journey. … Water is treated and heated before it is returned to the pool.

What is the meaning of pool?

1 : a small deep body of usually fresh water. 2 : something like a pool (as in shape or depth) The lamp cast a pool of light. 3 : a small body of standing liquid : puddle a pool of blood.

How do I aim my pool return?

It’s good practice to point your return jets in a direction that will circulate the water in your pool. If your pool only has one jet, point the jet toward the skimmer and downward. This will circulate the water, and push the water at the bottom of the pool to the surface.

What equipment is needed for a swimming pool?

Pool equipment includes pumps, filters, heaters and cleaners, and also chemical feeders and salt chlorine generators. At the heart of your pool equipment is your pool pump and pool filter, crucial pool hardware to circulate and clean your pool water.

What are pool accessories?

14 Best Pool Accessories You Must HaveWireless Floating Pool speaker. It’s just not a pool party without music. … Poolmaster Pool and Spa Waterfall Fountain. … Swimline FrogLog Critter Saving Escape Ramp. … Aquatix Pro Aluminum Pool Accessory Hangers. … Brookstone Towel Warmer. … Pool & Spa Footbath. … Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holders. … Pool Toy and Float Storage Bin.More items…•