Question: Is Pork Pie From Desmond’S Still Alive?

What does Desmond stand for?

Diabetes Education and Self-ManagementDESMOND stands for Diabetes Education and Self-Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed people..

Where was Desmond’s filmed?

The house where Spaced was filmed in Tufnell Park, north London, remains a place of pilgrimage for fans of the Nineties TV sitcom, which starred Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes.

Who played Daisy in Desmond’s?

Nadia Williams”Desmond’s” The Kid (TV Episode 1992) – Nadia Williams as Daisy – IMDb.

How old is Ram John Holder?

About 87 years (1934)Ram John Holder/Age

Who played Spider in Desmond’s?

Robert McKewleySeries CastNorman Beaton…Desmond Ambrose 71 episodes, 1989-1994Robert McKewley…Spider Webb 6 episodes, 1991-1994Alphonsia Emmanuel…Patricia Robeson 4 episodes, 1990-1992Mona Hammond…Aunty Susu 4 episodes, 1989-1994Rhashan Stone…Bernie 3 episodes, 1993-1994261 more rows

Is pork pie still alive?

Ram John Holder (born 1934) is a Guyanese actor and musician, who began his professional career as a singer in New York City, before moving to England in 1962. He is best known for playing Augustus “Porkpie” Grant in the British television series Desmond’s but has performed on stage and in both film and television.

What channel was Desmond’s on?

Channel 4Desmond’s/Networks

When did Norman Beaton die?

December 13, 1994Norman Beaton/Date of deathNorman Lugard Beaton, teacher, musician, composer and actor: born Georgetown, Guyana 31 October 1934; died Guyana 13 December 1994.

Is Norman Beaton still alive?

Deceased (1934–1994)Norman Beaton/Living or Deceased

Does Netflix have Desmond’s?

Watch Now on Netflix This BAFTA TV Award nominee for Best Comedy was one of the longest running series in history for Britain’s Channel 4.

What happened to Kim Walker from Desmond’s?

She died of a brain tumor at her Los Angeles home on March 6, 2001.

When was Desmond’s on TV?

1989Classic sitcom set in a Peckham barber shop, starring the late, great Norman Beaton. Desmond’s was first shown on Channel 4 in 1989 and ran for six years.