Question: Can You Swim In California In January?

Where can I get sun in January?

Top holiday destinations for winter sun in 2020Singapore – 30.5C.Cancun – 30.5C.Manaus – 30C.Barbados – 29.1C.Rio de Janeiro – 29C.Sydney – 27.4C.Cape Town – 27C.Cape Verde – 25.2C.More items….

Which beach in California has the warmest water?

The warmest temperatures happen at Avila Beach, Long Beach and Laguna Beach where the days get up to at least 67 degrees F (19 °C) on average in December and January. Warm days in winter also occur at Imperial Beach, San Diego, Oxnard, Santa Barbara and Morro Bay where temperatures typically reach the mid-60s each day.

What is California weather like in January?

Weather in January January has warm days and cold nights with the average temperatures in a steady range of 48°F (8.9°C) to 68°F (20°C). … Santa Ana winds blowing during the day raise temperatures during the winter. January draws visitors as prime events like the Golden Globe Awards take place in the mild winter weather.

Where is the best place to tan?

10 Places To Get That Holiday Trip TanCopacabana Beach.Waikiki Beach. Located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is a great place for sunbathers to sit back, enjoy the sun and watch the action all around them. … Crete. … Baby Beach. … Newport Beach. … Haulover Beach. … Sentosa Resort. … St.More items…•

Can you tan in 30 minutes?

You may burn or tan in as little as 10 minutes if you’re not wearing sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor). Most people will tan within a few hours. Sometimes, you will not see a tan right away. In response to sun exposure, the skin produces melanin , which can take time.

What is the coldest month of the year in California?

JanuaryJanuary is the coldest month of the year in California with the mountains of the Sierra Nevada in the frigid 3°F (-16.1°C) to 15°F (-9.4°C) average range amid snowy alpine conditions.

Is California warm in January?

January has the coolest weather of the year for most of the California coast, yet Avila Beach, Long Beach and Laguna Beach usually manage to reach highs of at least 67 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius). Along the Pacific Ocean in northern California, the days in January usually warm up to the mid-50s Fahrenheit.

Is January a good time to go to California?

Northern California is at its best from late April to early November. For skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing the months of December, January, and February are the best.

Does winter sun tan you?

You can get a tan in the winter but it takes much longer exposure to the sun to do so. … Tanning depends on intensity of UV ray intensity on the skin. In winter, there’s as much risk as during summer off of water. Even cloudy skies won’t completely prevent all sunburn for some people.

What is the warmest city in California?

The warmest spot will probably be Palm Springs. Las Vegas isn’t that warm in December. As far as beaches go, San Diego will probably be the warmest beach in California. It will be warmer than Holland or France, but it is the coldest time of the year for us.

What is the coldest month in LA?

DecemberThe coldest month in Los Angeles, California, is December, with an average high-temperature of 67.6°F (19.8°C) and an average low-temperature of 47.5°F (8.6°C).

Is it too cold to swim in California?

water is calmer and less rocky and dangerous in Southern California. IN general, north of SoCal, the Pacific Ocean is quite cold to swimm in. … water in northern california (San francisco/ Bay area) is COLD.. usually most of the year, it’s pretty unpleasant to swim in.

Can you go to the beach in LA in January?

Visiting during January is highly advantageous, seeing as it’s one of Los Angeles’ least busy months. Now, you can visit the beach without being shoulder-to-shoulder with a stranger.

Can you get tan in California in January?

Getting a tan is usually a factor of the angle of the sun, not the air temperature. During January, even at high noon, the sun is going to be at a lowish angle in the sky, making its rays less strong, and therefore, making it hard to get a tan.

What is the cheapest month to fly to California?

JanuaryAt the present moment the cheapest month to fly to California is currently January; with July being the most expensive. Prices will vary depending on multiple factors such as booking in advance, airline and departure airports and times.