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Virtual World Learning Solutions

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Interactive and immersive, virtual world environments represent a new way to teach and to learn. We have been involved in this trail-blazing technology since 2007 and continue to grow and evolve along with it.

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Sim Design

In 2008, under the avatar name of Georgianna Blackburn, Sandy Adam developed and managed five corporate sims as an employee of a multi-billion dollar worldwide corporation. This sparked a passion for designing virtual world environments.

Virtual Goods Marketing

Carriage Trade Virtual Brand Development (Collateral)

Brass Tacks - Virtual Goods Sold in Second Life©
(Virtal Goods)


Train the Trainer

We offer workshops to help you get started with using virtual environments to conduct your training classes. From selecting the right grid to creating the perfect setting. Our programmers can also create custom interactivities based on your needs.

Images of Sim Designs

Flickr - (Sigma Life Science Sim Design)


What the Heck is Machinima?

Machine cinema is poised to take your brand to new levels with cost-effective and entertaining ways to reach a broader audience with higher impact. Machinima can incorporate product placement and sponsorship.

Where traditional video can cost upwards of $10,000 per finished minute, using virtual environments for sets can reduce that cost substantially. Typically, $1000 USD per finished minute of video.


Machinima We've Created

Training in the 21st Century (video)

PDMA Tech Conference Entry for Fashion Research Institute (video)

Shengri-La Closing for Fashion Research Institute (video)





Second Life© Solutions Provider

We have been certified as a Second Life© Solutions Provider by adhereing to the criteria set forth by Linden Lab. We also do work in OpenSim-based virtual worlds.

Press Mentions

Speaking with Sigma-Aldrich's SL Representative Georgianna Blackburn

GridWrap - MetaMixTV - August 2011
(Sandy Adam, Guest)

Sigma-Aldrich in Second Life: The Right Chemistry