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We’ve worked with entertainment, manufacturing, education & training, and science.

New Tools Demand New Strategies

Every company should start with a clear roadmap for their online strategy. We can help you discern the tools that are right for your target audience and assist you with implementation of those tools. From blogging to video broadcasting, from community building within virtual environments to social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or a host of other tools now available.

The most important thing is to insure your strategy and message is clear across all social media aspects.

Emerging Technologies

While there are many tools used to watch for emerging trends, 21C actively watches the Gartner Hype Cycle. Gartner tracks technologies through a lifecycle that begins with a technology trigger through the plateau of productivity. The idea is that companies can use the assessments to decide whether to invest in specific technologies.

So what does all this mean? Just past the peak of the hype cycle is when a technology is being adopted by more than the early adopter crowd. Immediately after that stage is when bad press begins. According to Gartner, a technology that’s in the trough of disillusionment is still sparsely adopted – less than 5% of the audience has fully adopted a technology while there. Once 20% to 30% of the audience has adopted a technology, Gartner considers it at the plateau of productivity.